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Digital solutions serving African



Agricultural Cooperatives

ready to take up this challenge ?

With the challenge of ensuring

food security for a growing population
while preserving natural resources, Agriculture is called upon to adopt Precision Agriculture as an efficient tool to tackle this challenge. Precision Agriculture is based on the use of new technologies such as Robotics, Remote Sensing, Internet of Things... as well as the power of data science and Artificial Intelligence, in order to improve the yield while rationalizing the use of inputs, therefore protecting natural resources and contributing in the sustainability of agriculture.

, being an active actor developing
Precision Agriculture
solutions fitting the local African context, wishes to make of Precision Agriculture an attractive hub of novel ideas through encouraging new energies and supporting innovators to develop solutions that meet the challenges of small farmers and agricultural cooperatives.

Through our new pole

Digital Agriculture Innovation Lab
and alongside
our partners
, we are launching a support program for innovative projects in the field of Digital Agriculture under the label
Filaha Innovation Program
, with the aim of helping young project leaders to transform their project ideas into Startups. This program is an opportunity to create a hub for exchanging experiences and knowledge accumulated by
through our experience and the know-how of the experts we invite every year to the
Agri Analytics Days

Our aim is to make
Filaha Innovation program
an opportunity for sharing this knowledge with the various actors involved in the fields of agriculture and technology to develop solutions serving the African agricultural ecosystem, and lead to the creation of new innovative startups in the field of digital agriculture.

Submission summary

Thanks to the


teams who applied from
23 African countries




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Facing the African agriculture


IoT & Remote Sensing

Collecting Data using IoT, Remote Sensing other monitoring systems

Data Science

Optimizing the agricultural inputs use with Data Science

Robotics and AI

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence to improve farmer practices


E-Commerce, Blockchain and logistics in agriculture

knowledge transfer

Agronomic knowledge transfer to farmers

Cooperative 2.0

Smart tools to manage Agricultural Cooperatives activities

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The support program

is composed of two main phases,
a theoretical and technical section to develop the projects ideas, and an applicative and business-oriented section to guarantee their market access.

Part 1 : Technical Coaching

In order to ensure the reliability and feasibility of their project and improve its technical aspects, this mentoring is delivered by experts in agriculture and new technologies from the program’s partners and designed to be adapted to each team according to their project scope. This 1st phase of coaching will last a month and a half.

Part 2 : Business Coaching

It consists of a 3-month

learning by doing experience
where the three selected teams will be connected with their solution’s end-user, enabling them to implement the solution they designed during the 1st phase of coaching for their client (farmers, cooperative,organization, etc.). It includes also coaching sessions to help the teams develop the financial and commercial aspects of their product and create their own startup.


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Who can participate ?

Filaha Innovation Program is open for applicants from

all African countries
, whether they are undergraduate students, PhD Students or young researchers, holding a project idea they want to transform into a Startup.
Single or Team applications (with a maximum of 5 members per team) are both possible.


The 3 winners who qualified from the first phase of coaching will benefit from 3 months of close support during which they will be

Supervised by domain experts


Supported for the creation of their own Startup.


Trained to develop the commercial aspects of their product to facilitate their market penetration


Connected with an end user to confront their project to field conditions through a funded POC


The best rated project team will benefit from the full coverage of the expenses of their participation in an international AgriTech event .

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